Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It seems to be the theme of the season:  gratitude.  With the family gathered together, all around the TV, watching Thanksgiving football games, I find myself sitting in the back by the cheese ball and crackers contemplating about life.  

Here are my thoughts:

People are funny.  We spend the first twenty years of our lives wishing we were older, and the last sixty years wishing we were younger.  I have started to do the latter, so, I am going to stop this vicious cycle. 

I am grateful that I am [my age] because:

1)  A friend told me that I can now run for U.S. Senate.  I don't plan on it, but with the economy as it is, I am glad to know that I have this option available for me.

2)  My bodily functions are still in my control, except when I am pregnant.

3)  I  am not in pain all of the time.  

4)  I am at the age where I can bake, crochet, quilt, and sew one day, and go to a raging concert the next.  I can wear orthopedic shoes, or huge fuzzy flip flops.  I can shop from juniors to sportswear! 

5)  Token Asian Friend=Old Asian Woman.  Old Asian women are cute.  Therefore, I am cute.

6)  When I stand up, I can count the number of joints popping on only ONE HAND!  Of course, I need to use the other hand to count the joints that pop from counting on the one hand...

7)  I can now look at popular musicians and say, "Punk Kids!"

8)  Passing different fitness levels on my Wii Fit is actually an accomplishment.

9)  I can begin the countdown to retirement.

10)  A friend of mine said that he is grateful to be [my age] because it is "one of those invisible barriers where people respect you more as an adult."  I guess this must be the age where, "respect your elders" is referring to me.

What do you love about being YOUR age?


Kristina P. said...

I love that I now have to shave my neck wattle.

StuTheWise said...

In one more year, I get to run for President! Which I swore I'd do if I ever became a billionaire. So here's to only becoming a 900 millionaire.

Ruth said...

In reference to your #5: You better not be equating our age to "Old." Unlike some of your readers, I do know where you sleep.

But as far as everything else goes, I'd have to agree. I especially like to refer to young celebs as "kids."

stillclueless said...

Sweet heavens. If you're old, WTF am I??? Nearly dead....