Saturday, November 15, 2008

Someone should invent that...

I often find myself in a situation where I have 100 things to do, but I've got little obstacles in my way that keep me from my goal.  In these situations, I always say, "Someone should invent..."

A Shopping-cart-wheel-degunker.  How many times have you picked "the wrong cart" while grocery shopping?   I've had my kids hang on one side of the cart, hoping to counterbalance the pull of the gunk-on-the-wheel.   Think of all the man-hours wasted just trying to push those carts around.

A Moving-walkway in the drive-through.  Saves gas and the frustration of waiting for "that guy" to put his change in his wallet.  

A Training bike.  A kid's bike that begins with two wheels on one end and one wheel on the other.   The more you pedal, the closer the two wheels get until they in essence become one wheel, and BAM!  Your kid knows how to ride a bike with no effort on your part.

Bluetooth Internet.  Think about it.

Baby Hover Board.  All I'm saying is, a woman of my stature was never designed to carry a 22 lb. five month old.  

Electronic marquees on our cars to communicate with drivers around us.  We could display things like:

-Welcome to the fast lane :)
-You are no longer welcome to the fast lane :(
-I've been signaling for like an hour.  I know you can see me.  I see your lips move as you read this.
-What movie are you watching?
-If you CAN'T read this, your car is giving off too much exhaust.
-The slower you go, the more frequently I honk.
-Undercover Police Officer
-You want to merge?  Over my dead body--HEY!!!  I WAS JOKING!!!
Well, maybe we shouldn't make those marquees available to the public. 


micah e. said...

In the U.K. they actually have highway patrol-type cars that drive around the freeway displaying messages to drivers. Mostly it's to get slower cars out of the fast lanes.

Shockingly enough, dad ("sir") was driving in the far right lane (the fast lane) and the patrol car pulled in front of him and displayed the message "Please move out of fast lanes." I never thought I'd see the day dad would get in trouble for slow driving.

michellejohnnie said...

How about "Your car's exhaust is stinky! Did it just fart?"

Ruth said...

You've definitely got potential for that degunker and car marquee. But my favorite is the baby hover board. If more men were stay-at-home dads, that probably would have been invented ages ago.