Saturday, November 8, 2008


It's MOVEMBER time!  Raising funds and awareness for men's health one creepy moustache at a time.    

At the beginning of the month, many men shaved what facial hair they have to start anew and find out who really is the man!  Right now, most men are still at the youth 'stache stage, so if you notice a lot of wimpy lip-ticklers out there, cheer them on!  By Thanksgiving, they will be combing, waxing, clipping, and shaping those handlebars into works of Movember art.  Here are some pictures for inspiration, boys!!!

Aaaaaaannnnndddd, notice there are no Asians.  Oh, WAIT!  I found one!!!

(Big thanks to whomever took this picture!)

Now, I know that technically doesn't count as a moustache, but that, my friends, is a dang good effort!

Go Movember!


*MARY* said...

I could have given you a picture of my husband; he has like eight more hairs than that.

Token Asian Friend said...

I would have used a picture of my brother's, but he has never grown his out that long.


michellejohnnie said...

Those are great mustaches. I wish my husBAnd had a special one like some of those above. Very hot! However, he is black and his facial hair is weird. It would look more like a afro if he tried to grow one!!!