Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wrong Number


Me:  Hello
Angry Man:  Who are you?
Me:  Um, I believe I am supposed to ask you that question.
Angry Man:  Oh, this is Kevin.  Who are you?
Me:  Are you looking for someone?
Angry Man:  Yah, where's Bill.
Me:  You have the wrong number.
Embarrassed Man:  Oh!  I am so sorry!



Me:  Hello?
Person:  Is this [name]'s Automotive?
Me:  No, but their number is one number different from ours.  Try ###-####.
Person:  Wow, lots of people must make this mistake.
Me:  Yep!



Me:  Hello?
Old Lady:  Is this the [random name]'s home?
Me:  No, you must have the wrong number.
Old Lady:  Okay, thank you.

1 minute later-Brrrrrrring

Me:  Hello?
Old Lady:  (frustrated) Oh, it's you again.  Now, tell me, what numbers I am getting wrong?  I have the last numbers as ####.  
Me:  Yes, those are the last four digits of my telephone number.
Old Lady:  I must be mixing up the prefix, then.  What prefix am I dialing?
Me:  ###.  Do you want me to look up a phone number for you?
Old Lady:  (angrily) No, no.  I don't need that.  What prefix is [other city]?
Me:  Well, there are a lot, but try this one.  ###.
Old Lady:  Thank you.

20 seconds later-Brrrrrrring

Me:  Hello?
Old Lady:  (shaky voice) Can you please help me?  
Me:  Is everything okay?  Are you okay?
Old Lady:  (crying)  I need to call my sister, and I don't know the right phone number.
Me:  Let me look up the phone number for you...


My Mission:  To help random people, one wrong number at a time.


pamc said...

It's good to have a mission...

Kristina P. said...

You are a much better person than I am.

And my biggest phone pet peeve is when someone calls me and asks who it is. You called me, you idiot!!

Brooklyn said...

Well... we should all have a mission in life. ;)

StuTheWise said...

Wow! You get the oddest wrong number calls! Though once I had a thief use my phone number to write bad checks all over the country. I kept getting calls from collection agencies looking for him. Funny thing was, all I had to do was tell them I wasn't him, and they always believed me! That knowledge helped me later on in life when bill collectors started coming after me. But I always wanted to say, "Sorry, I don't know anyone named Stu... or do I?"

melmommy said...

Old Man: Hello?
Su: Hi, I Su
Old Man: Hi Su
Su: You come get me airport. I all arone.
Old Man: Okay.....
Su: You hear I say, you no understand?
Old Man: Where should I meat you?
Su: Click
Old Man: Very confused!