Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our relationship, in a nutshell

"Hey, hubby. How was your day?"

"Great, how was yours?"

"Good. Did you know that [child's name] can do jumping jacks?"

"Yah, he/she showed me."

"Oh. Cute, isn't it? Hey, your mom called..."

"Yep, she left me a message."

"Good, so you got that.  So, I heard the [Neighbors] are having a baby."

"Yes, TWINS!"

"What?!? Wow, that's amazing. I didn't know that. Guess what?  Your cousin is getting married."

"Got the e-mail."

"Read on the news that the Indian Navy shot down a pirating 'mother ship'?"

"Saw it on Yahoo!."

"The [neighbors] got a new puppy."

"Held it."

"Elder [Missionary] wrote a letter."

"Wrote him back."

"GM wants part of the bailout money"

"Saw it on  MSNBC."

"Massage chairs are on sale."

"Ordered one."

"Bishop called."

"Got the text."

"I'm pregnant."

"No you're not."

"AARRRGGGG! Forget you!"

"Love you."

"I'm going to bed."

"I'm already there."

"Good night, Jerk."

"Can't hear you because I'm sleeping."


Token Asian Friend said...

p.s. He was right, I'm not pregnant.

Kristina P. said...

That's too bad. We need more Asian babies in the world.

StuTheWise said...

If it makes you feel better, he manages his employees the same way. Except that time I told him I was pregnant.

stillclueless said...

Too funny! But he knows I'm not pregnant, too...

michellejohnnie said...

Your husband sounds like he is really on top of everything. Can't he just make you feel important by trying to act like he needs you?

Karin said...

So funny. I totally feel like that sometimes. Even with all the stay-at-home goings on, its hard to keep up.

Lar. said...

Sounds like you have been married for about as long as I have. ;D Next you can start with hallway sex. It's not what you think, I'll tell you about it later.

Seriously, so blessed! said...

I'M pregnant!

Token Asian Friend said...

yep, TAMN, this post was really about you!