Friday, November 21, 2008

On my Soap (Opera) box

Did you guys see this article in Yahoo! News?  The daytime soap opera is DYING!!!


What has this world come to?  We stand to lose an entire genre of television!  What will happen to the women (and men) who have devoted their 11:00-3:00 block Monday to Friday to following every episode?  Have they lived their lives in vain?  Have times really changed that no one is willing to commit to a twenty-year-long daytime drama?  Do mothers no longer instill in their daughters the value of drawn-out plots with questionable acting?  What will Hollywood do without soap operas to weed out the good actors from the bad?  What would those unemployed actors and actresses do?  Telethons?  Host Reality TV shows?  What could ever replace the soap opera?

OH!  Infomercials!

Same time, same stations, same overly-bronzed faces, same bad acting, and same unrealistic story line.

PHEW!!!  Problem solved.  


Kristina P. said...

What about Telenovelas? SOOOOO much better than American soaps.

Plus, we have Twilight. Same thing.

Lobbie said...

Oh, oh, oh and they hurt just as much!!

melmommy said...

IF THIS IS REALLY YOU AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE THEN LET ME KNOW!!!!!!! Why have you shut me out of your life? Do you have 4 kids or what and I didn't even know??????? We haven't talked since the Cinco de Mayo party like 2 years ago. Did we say something wrong????? I think your husband still hates me for all that stuff I said about love in the car before you were married. Ya think??

So, if this isn't you and you don't know who you are, then just tell me and I will leave.

This blog sure sounds like you though. FUNNY! I laugh my head off. Yep, I read the whole thing. You still crack me up.