Friday, October 17, 2008

A man's day, according to his wife

8:30 am: Go into work. Set up laptop. Taste test items in candy drawer for freshness. Log on to internet and check updates on Home Star Runner.
9:00 am: Find Fortune Magazine. Go see a man about a horse.
9:30 am: Read e-mail. Send e-mail. Update facebook profile. Watch Japanese Game Shows on YouTube.
10:00 am: Swipe Sports Illustrated. Go check out the facilities.
10:30 am: Order complete Kiss Bobblehead set online. Check e-bay listings. Play heliattack on Google search "high power air soft semi-automatic rifle."
11:00 am: Grab Business 2.0. Visit with "a man named John."
11:30 am: Discuss with co-workers where to go for lunch. Go to conference room to draw out schematics and make carpool assignments.
12:00 pm: Make decision on where to go for lunch. Go to lunch. Go to the car wash. Buy 64 oz Dr. Pepper and candies to replenish candy drawer.
2:00 pm: Talk to co-workers about how full and tired you feel. Grab your iPhone. Skip to the loo.
2:30 pm: Set up office fantasy football draft party. Set food assigments.
4:00 pm: Check text messages and reply to wife's 10:00 am text. "Sorry, meetings all day. I'll call you when things slow down."
4:30 pm: Chat about the BYU game. Discuss BCS ranking. Make fun of the guy who likes BYU.
5:00 pm: Answer wife's phone call, "I'm packing up now. I just need to do a few more e-mails and I'll be home." Read e-mail. Send e-mail. Check Facebook. Watch "I gotta have more cowbell" on YouTube. Make fun of the vegan. Offer to take him to lunch to Fudruckers.
5:30 pm: Talk with co-workers about how hard the day was, and begin discussions on where to go to lunch the next day. Make fun of the guy that worked.
6:00 pm: Grab Entrepreneur Magazine, go (Asian Word). Pack up laptop and head home, with a quick stop to the QuikStop for a refill in your 64 oz Dr. Pepper.
6:30 pm: Complain to wife about how busy your day was. Get a back rub. You deserve it, babe!


Kristina P. said...

Hey, sounds like my day. Without the whole man body part.

Victoria Elder said...

Husbands just have it sooo EASY

Trisha said...

It sounds like you have had some first hand experience with a similar routine...
he he he!
you so crazy!
love you and please always comment on my blog because no one else does and because you're funny.
i love you and canadia too!