Monday, October 27, 2008

Who do I look like?

So, I don't know many Asian celebrities, but I listed a few here.  I have been told by people that I look like each them at least one time in my life.  But there is one that, surprisingly, a lot of people tell me I resemble.  Can you guess who?
Connie Chung?

Zhang ZiYi?

Michelle Yeoh?

Vera Wang?

Lucy Lui?

Lisa Ling?

Katie Leung?

Tia Carrere?

Demi Moore?

Chow Yun-Fat?

OK, so I know that Demi Moore technically isn't Asian, but an Asian friend of mine said that I look like her.  

The winner is....

drumroll please...

Chow Yun-Fat!  (Seriously, I have had more people, independent of one another, say I look like him than any of the others.)

Can we still be friends?


*MARY* said...

People always tell me I look like Nicolas Cage, so no, we can't still be friends.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I'd have to disagree with the Chow Yun-Fat observation (your eyebrows aren't bushy enough). Maybe Demi Moore & Chow Yun-Fat's secret love child. Yeah, that's it!

Kristina P. said...

I think you need to do that My Heritage things where it tells you who you look like.

Mine said Oprah. No surprise there. I totally should have mated with an Asian!

Payne Family said...

ahh, your asian! You MUST know Karate... You get Chow Yun Fat, I get Tiger Woods, minus the swing...

Ruth said...

hey, what about "Sun" from LOST?

StuTheWise said...

People say I look like Timothy McVeigh. Wrong kind of celebrity :(

Ben and Kari said...

I know you probably won't see this 2 years later, but it I cannot stop laughing. Seriously? Chow Yun Fat? Were these White people telling you this?