Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where in the World Is Token Asian Friend?

Hit it Rockapella!

Doo-ba-doo-be Doo-whop, 
Doo-ba-doo-be Doo-whop, 
Doo-ba-doo-be Doo-whop,

She's normally indoors, and she rarely sees daylight.
She doesn't leave the house much, so this trip was a real treat.
She'll take you on a ride vicariously through pictures.

Tell me
Where in the world is 
Token Asian Friend?

Oh tell me
Where in the world is 
Token Asian Friend?


(Mmmmmm, donuts...)

(It's blurry, but that guy is walking by it)

(What is in that "C" of "BDC"?)

(Since when did McDonald's Golden Arches have any red in them?)

(Is that Perkins dotted with a maple leaf?)

(Those aren't flowers above and below the "Super 8 Motel")

(This hint is a little tricky, but it has something to do with the C, funky upside down V, and N)


Subtle, isn't it!

God Bless our neighbors to the north, 
and their infatuation with crimson foliage!

(This one is for you, my e-friend Sarah, and all the other northern North Americans I love!)


*MARY* said...

Hey you hoser, I'm completely stumped. Give us some better clues eh? I'm off to eat a moose.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! You went to Cancún without me?!

Seriously, so blessed! said...

What the heck!?? Canada's Asian now???

Token Asian Friend said...

Yes. We are taking over...one frozen tundra at a time.

Payne Family said...

Hockey anyone?

Trisha said...

i love america junior!

kaila sue said...

hey, i found your blog through seriously so blessed. your blog is so funny! hope that doesn't make me psycho that i read it!

Trisha said...

Been singing that song all week now!