Thursday, September 4, 2008

What the (Asian word)?

My husband and I have taught our children a few words in the "native tongue."  The ones they are most proficient in are the potty and body parts words.  When they use them in public, no one will know what they are talking about.  Everything else, however, has been in English.  Here are some things our children have said in public:

You (Asian word)-ed.  I heard you.
My mommy feeds baby with her (Asian word)
My (Asian word) itches.
Brother has an ugly (Asian word).
I'm going to spank your (Asian word).  

I guess context speaks volumes.

Sometimes we use this as a crowd pleaser at parties--It's called guess the body part!  I can't describe the fear we see in people's eyes as my husband says, "Go hit him in the (Asian word)."  


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Reggs said...

hey, will you be my token asian friend? I have a gay friend, a homeless friend, 2 mexican friends, and I'm looking to expand. LOL. Just kidding. That homeless guy actually hates me, I'm pretty sure of it.