Monday, February 2, 2009

Potty Stats

Out of [Younger Sibling's] last 100 accidents:
25% included tears
30% happened right after child insisted on not needing to potty
12% happened while outside
1% happened on the couch
9% happened in the bed
9% didn't wake child up
15% happened on the stool in front of the toilet
1% happened in public
4% happened this morning
25% was preceded by the potty dance
25% happened while child was running up and down hallway asking for help
5% would have been preventable had older siblings stopped talking to younger sibling after younger sibling said, "I need to go potty!"
40% probably happened before child said, "I need to go potty!"
10% would have gone undetected had wet undies not been left next to bathroom toilet
100% ended with a promise to not wet pants again

At least the child is perfect at something.


Pam C. said...

Our three year old's accident rate more than doubled after my husband left for four months of temporary duty in Japan...

michellejohnnie said...

Sounds like we have the same type of children!