Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things People Should Not Say

Store clerk: Are you buying stuff for food storage? Too bad you missed the huge sale last week.

Caucasian guy:  You are so lucky.  I have to work my [bum] off to get accepted into grad school, but they'll accept you in a heartbeat just because you are a minority and you're a girl.  

Store clerk: I bought some of those.  They didn't taste very good.

Guy to girl on a date:  I want to join the Air Force and die in a fiery plane crash.

Friend:  Judging from the size of your baby, I would expect your [hands in front of chest] to be HUGE.

Polynesian guy to me:  Your baby should have been my kid.

Older woman to unrelated younger man:  Your rear end looks just like your father's.


What have people said to/around you?


Crystal said...

ha! You've got a great list.

Ok, these are some things people (mere acquaintances at best) should not have said to me:

1) You have a generic face.

2) You remind me of what my sister would have been like if she were normal

3)Why aren't you more [ethnicity]? Why don't you listen to hip hop, rap, and sag your pants like all the other [ethnic people] do?

4)Did you know you have a mustache? Are you going to do something about it?

5) Wow! You're fat now!

ps: I love your blog.

Tiffany said...

Oh dear. That's a good(?) list.

Recently, my husband and I toured a local gym, trying to decide whether to join. The gym guy said at one point, "I've seen people come in here who look worse than you."

I thought we looked pretty good.

P.S. What kind of grad school did you/are you doing?

michellejohnnie said...

At my father's funeral/viewing: Do you have a boyfriend yet? Just keep waring pretty dresses like that and someone will come along. (Hug)

To me about my bi-racial baby: He looks white. He definitely got the raw end of deal. He'd be so much cuter if his skin were dark and hair was curly!

Kemi said...

My favorite are the grandmotherly-types at church who corner me in the hallway and rub my stomach while asking, "Oh, you're so big! When is your baby due? You're pretty close, aren't you?"

(My "baby" turned three in December. There IS no baby.)

Brooke said...

Friend: I'm so fat.
Other friend's response: Yeah, but at least you're proportional!

Friend: I've decided my eyes are more green than hazel. Wait, I've never noticed what color your eyes are ... (on closer inspection) ... Oh, they're not really a color. They're kind of just ... blah.

melmommy said...

Annoying Lady: "When is your baby due?"

Pregnant Lady: "Not for another 3 months.

Annoying Lady(Gasping): "You're kidding...seriously? That's how big I looked when I delivered...and I had twins."

Pregnant Lady: "Wow, you really know how to make a pregnant woman feel good"

Annoying Lady: "No seriously, you still have 3 months...(awkward pause)...wow, that is unbelievable. Are you sure you're not having twins or multiples of some sort?"

Another Annoying Lady: "Well, this is her 4th, she'll probably be even bigger on the next one if that's possible." (Laugh, Laugh, Laugh)

Lar. said...

So.. this one time a lady said to me:

This outfit used to be [Token Asian Friend's], it is WAAAY to big for her, it should fit you just right.
When I tried it on, it was too small.

StuTheWise said...

Customer in store where I worked: "Next time you break your arm, you should stay home!"

Lots of people: "Yeah, I know how you feel. I used to have [some piddly, temporary condition... most commonly a dislocated shoulder]."

Random guy after finding out that my dark-skinned younger brother and I were brothers: "There's this family in my ward that just adopted a Chinese baby." -- the payoff was the blank look on his face when he found out that we were both Filipino and blood brothers.

Some lady in church to my older brother's wife: "So what's sex with a Navajo like?"

Trisha said...

I just want to know if I was the "friend" quoted here. cause if i didn't SAY it, i definitely THOUGHT it. :)