Saturday, February 21, 2009

Little one

A group of big ones stumbled around, 
running and racing to get tasks done.
"I think those big ones should slow down."
So He sent them a little one.

The little one was placed in two big ones' arms,
but the other big ones watched with awe.
To observe little one's ways and charms
And tell more big ones what they saw.

Little one's eyes open, Big ones say, "See!"
Little one giggles,  Big ones, "Tee hee!"
Little one cries, Big ones, "Oh no!"
Little one smiles, Big ones glow.

Little one grew more and more dear.
Big ones, mesmerized, gathered near.
Every crawl, word, bounce, and stride
Gave the big ones greater pride.

Then the little one suddenly went home.
And the big ones stood there, all alone.
Not a big one moved, no big one dared.
They all stood, and stopped, and stared.

How could a little one, one so small,
A little one who brought joy to all,
How could one tiny smile, one small embrace,
Leave behind such a large, empty space?  

A group of big ones stood around.
They paused, and looked up to the Son.
"We understand, we'll slow down.
Please take care of little one."

For little one, and for the big ones he loved.