Saturday, February 7, 2009

Home Video

This is my baby when I take him for a walk.  

(It's only a minute long)

Our little twinkle-toes is a chip off the ol' block!


Pam C. said...

Hi, TAF, I hope I didn't offend you with my earlier comment. I don't know if it got deleted intentionally or accidentally. I really do think it's a darling little video.

Token Asian Friend said...


I never saw another comment, so maybe it just didn't go through. And, I'm not easily offended :)

Trisha said...

where in the world did you two get those cute kids!!??!!
he looks just like you :)
i'm just happy thinking about his little mom turning red in the face to get that stroller moving again each time she stopped it!

Token Asian Friend said...

He's hard to push! I need regular and frequent breaks!

Karin said...

Besides getting a little motion-sickness watching that....what a GREAT video. I love how he raises his foot for the next step, waiting for you to start up again.

Tiffany said...

Score on cuteness meter: 10. (Out of 10)

Anonymous said...

Way, way, way cute.

melmommy said...

That is so interesting! I can see he gets it from might not have noticed but since you always rode in front, I noticed you had certain patterns in your biking as well. Peddle 3 times fast...wait..two more deliberate hard pushes and then a teeny tiny break, then you would repeat it. Hmmmm, very interesting.

Token Asian Friend said...




(And, do you remember why I rode in the front??? I'm remembering a certain large Buddha, a certain late night (not the one where we hitch-hiked:), and passing through a certain group of drunken men, and a certain one hour ride home that should have been 5 minutes. Ring a bell???

I've never recovered. ;)

melmommy said...

Well, the nerve of some people to bring up MINOR things like that, I remember going on quite a journey that took us way into the deep forest, I mean JUNGLE of up and down hills that seemed to go on forever. Remember TOKEN ASIAN FRIEND! And then I remember saying something like this: "Whatever we go down, we have to go back up on the way home" and sure enough we did, getting home a bit late and tired and a certain SENIOR companion forgot her responsibility to call the elders to report and they came hunting us down. But anyway.

Yeah, you did have that pattern with your biking. It was interesting. I wonder if I had one too?