Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Somewhere in the Orient...

"My stomach hungry," I said to my native aunt in broken [Asian].

She barked a command to her brother and husband, and off they went to find me something to eat off the street (i.e. from a vendor).  My native mother wasn't there, and so my brother and I were left alone with non-English-speaking relatives and a very limited common vocabulary.

But when they came back, never had American-Born-Asian eyes been so wide with excitement.  The smell was magnificent.  Tender pieces of battered meat gently placed on a skewer and deep fried to perfection.  They handed me the kabob and my hand had hardly grabbed hold of the floppy stick before a piece of it was in my mouth.

As I chewed, my mouth began to sense something very different that what my brain was anticipating.  Liquid fat exploded out of the meat with every bite.  Just as quickly as it had entered, the piece of meat was expelled from my mouth.

"What is this?" I asked in English as I wiped dripping grease from my chin.  The native spectators were too busy laughing and pointing at the related stranger to pay attention, so I repeated in their native tongue, "This is what???"

One uncle responded, but I did not understand what he said.

Then another uncle tried to clarify, "Chicken [Asian word]."

The Asian word I understood.  It was the Asian word for butt.



michellejohnnie said...

Guess what?
Chicken butt!!!
A whole new meaning to that phrase! YUM!

Seriously, so blessed! said...



We don't say butt. We say bum. Guess the sum! Chicken bum!

Token Asian Friend said...

Oh dear! Chicken rear!

michellejohnnie said...

I stole seriously so blessed comment! This is going in my journal. I am totally cool and all that!!!

Brooklyn said...

You got'em, chicken bottom.

O.k., I know I'm not as cool.

Karen said...

I luv the mystery...

...yet wouldn't we deduce that you are (part--see your dad) [Chinese] since your great grandmother had to bind her feet?

(i'm in asia as we write and am far too afraid to eat anything from a vendor ((shudder)))

Token Asian Friend said...

Hmmm, sounds like someone has been reading too much Wiki.

You might be right. You might also be wrong. :)

that raven chick said...

YOU ARE (insert asian nationality) I JUST KNEW IT! I would know, because I speak it. Muhahahaha

Ashley Sutherland said...

You're a feaster on chicken keister! hah!

New reader here. LOVE your blog!!

Token Asian Friend said...

{fist bump} Chicken rump!

You guys crack me up!

StuTheWise said...

Wow! And I always complained about my mother's squid. At least she never tried to feed me manok buldet.

So, while I was at the Tagalog dictionary looking up the word for "chicken," I decided to look up the phrase my mother always yelled at me when she was mad. That was a bad idea. I'm gonna need therapy now.

Ain't the internet great?!