Thursday, January 29, 2009

How to know your kids are guilty:

1) They avoid eye contact.
2) They incriminate their siblings before you even asked what happened.
3) They slide away from you with their backs against the wall.
4) The evidence or traces of evidence is still in their hand/mouth
5) They change the subject by picking at your face.
6) They look up and say, "Ummmmmm..." a lot.
7) They sit on the floor pouting with the occassional arm flap and leg kick.
8) They begin to cry after the hurt sibling cries for you.
9) When you ask, "Who did this?" they SMILE as they point to the innocent sibling.
10) They perform a bodily function as a diversion.


Christa said...

so you've met my twins huh?

Kristina P. said...

What if your husband does these things?

kellebelle said...

Very accurate observations. Of course, then there's the "come out swinging" approach... but this usually applies to a certain personality type. At least, in our home it does.

Lar. said...

Ha Ha, I like that Kristina P!

I'd also like to add:
Their response to every question is "What? No!".