Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Reflexes are amazing!  A reflex begins with some sort of stimulus, whether it be stretching, or hitting, light, or even a simple touch (i.e. the gag reflex) which leads to a response without even having to signal the brain first.  Whoever wired our bodies did a pretty incredible job.

There are many types of reflexes:  Tendon reflexes, eye reflexes, eye-lid reflexes, face reflexes.  Reflexes that help us to flinch.  Reflexes that keep us from falling when we trip.  Even babies have their own set of reflexes.   

This might shock you, but I am an anatomical anomaly.  I have more reflexes than other people.  Here are a few of them:

Push-snooze reflex
Squish-face-of-child-with-cheeks-filled-with-water reflex
Shove-food-in-sneezing-baby's-mouth reflex
Hit-side-of-garage-with-rear-view-mirror reflex (This one PLAGUES me!)
Holding-tightly-to-baby's-legs-instead-of-grabbing-his-falling-body-and-head reflex
Insert-chocolate-into-mouth reflex
Let-go-of-rope-and-clap-hands-when-finally-up-on-water-skis reflex
Running-with-child-down-the-hall-while-she-is-throwing-up reflex
Kick-husband-when-child-cries-at-night reflex (It is instantaneous!)
Let-go-of-shopping-cart-(with-child-inside)-pointed-downhill reflex

Now, they haven't been documented yet, but I am convinced that these must be reflexes, because while they are happening, I am definitely not using my brain.


Token Asian Friend said...

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Pam C. said...

I learned to my sorrow years ago that I have the "hold-on-tightly-to-your-bag-while-being-mugged" reflex, which results in getting pushed to the ground and having the baby in the backpack on your back bang her head on the sidewalk. :(

Karin said...

So funny. One of my relexes is If-there-is-ice-cream-in-the-freezer-I-must-eat-it-until-it-is-gone!!!! I really don't mind that one.

Kristina P. said...

I just had to say that I don't know how you don't have millions of readers. Or at least ones who comment. You are too, too funny.

Happy New Year!

Token Asian Friend said...

Pam-That is a truly sad reflex.

Karin-my husband has that reflex. You must exercise a lot!

Brooke said...

I found your blog after reading some comment you left on Seriously So Blessed (we can be friends even though I just admitted to being a blog stalker, right?) and I just have to say I think you are HILARIOUS!! I can't wait to read more.

that raven chick said...

By your definition of a reflex, doing stupid things must qualify, because for me that definitely does not require or include any thinking.

For what it's worth, I suffer from the delay-doing-homework-and-check-updates-on-tokenasianfriends-blog-and-read-it-for-hours reflex. That sounds psychotic? You are the one that squeezes water-filled cheeks of babies!

michellejohnnie said...

I heart your silly reflexes! I have quite a few myself. Now I can explain all my quirks in scientific terms. THANK YOU!!! Token Asian Friend rocks (and you are so smart!!! Seriously.)

CailinMarie said...

I KNEW IT. I knew anybody whose title is "Token Asian Friend" had to be hilarious. And you are. My favorite is "squish face of child with cheeks filled with water reflex" and the conversation with the 5 year old candy police is pretty good too...
I believe my reflexes all center around chocolate - particularly chocolate chip cookies - mmm hmm - I am very sad that you will not dress up for black tie events. You would no doubt be beautiful and we could all ask you dumb round eye questions. I must ask however - how many items do you own with "Hello Kitty" on them? I hear this is the true test of ones Asian-ness and that I must smother my poor little girl in all things "Hello Kitty." Please advise...

Karen said...

my newest reflex?

click at least 3 times a day on the *Token Asian Friend* link that was added to my favorites list.

I think you'll be selling ad space soon.

Token Asian Friend said...

Cailin Marie-I think you mean how many items I own that DON'T have hello Kitty on them. That would be much easier to count.

Karen-No ads because chinese restaurants are too cheap to buy ad space on a blog.

Michelle-I hearted you first.

Raven-I won't blog again until you finish your homework, young lady!

Brooke-I've been stalking you for a while now, so it is OK. :)

Kristina-ancient chinese proverb for you, "Whether there be one person or one-hundred near, a cricket chirps for itself to hear."

Profound, huh? You probably thought that was real. I made it up.