Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is he???

Many years ago...

Friend:  Did you speak a lot of [Asian] growing up?
Me:  Not really.  Mostly things like, "time to eat," or "go to the bathroom," or "I am going to spank your butt."
Friend:  Really?  So your mom would never speak [Asian] with your dad?
Me:  She would, but it's mostly stuff her friends told me never to repeat.
Friend:  Your dad didn't get mad?
Me:  No, my dad doesn't speak [Asian].
Friend:  I just figured since he was Asian and married your mom that he would speak it too.
Me:  Um...my dad isn't Asian.
Friend:  Your dad is TOTALLY Asian.  
Me:  No, he's not.
Friend:  Yes he is.  He has jet black hair.  He has dark skin.  
Me:  What, so everyone who has black hair is Asian?  And of course he is dark.  He has been working out in the yard all summer.  He doesn't even LOOK Asian!
Friend:  [Token], I have SEEN your dad.  He is Asian.  He even wears traditional Asian clothing.  Remember, that night we talked to him at your house?
Me:  That was a bathrobe! 
Friend:  He speaks with an accent!
Me:  He is from the South!
Friend:  Whatever!  I don't believe you.  Your dad is Asian.  


Do YOU think my dad is Asian?


Kristina P. said...

Clearly, he's Asian.

And what does Asian sound like?

Seriously, so blessed! said...


((polite formal bow))

MamiJo said...

Oh yes. Dontcha know, white people are washed out of ethnicity or culture, so they become whatever ethnicity their spouse is. So I am becoming black, one freckle at a time. (Although so far, I don't sound/look/dress, eat, or think black)

pamc said...

No, but I would love to see a photo.

Karen said...

weeeelllll, If he's not, you're not really our token asian friend, are you?

You're just our token 1/2 asian friend.... now, where can we find a real asian to befriend?


Token Asian Friend said...

Currently having an identity crisis....

michellejohnnie said...

He married an Asian. Therefore, he as assimilated into being an Asian. See, I'm black because I married a black man. (HA, HA, HA)

Karen said...

well, on the bright side: you scored a comment from TAMN!

You are seriously so blessed.

Lar. said...

He actually turned asian from marrying your mom. That's what happened to me when I married your brother. :D

Token Asian Friend said...

Soy sauce and wasabi will do that to you!

StuTheWise said...

To Kristina P. -- This is the Asian I commonly heard in my house: "Aye! Puki cabayo buntis!!"

My mother says it all the time when she is surprised. Whenever I asked her what it meant, she would say, "It's bad. I can't tell you."

Then I would ask, "If it's bad, why do you say it all the time?"

And she would respond, "It's just an expression in my country."

"Yeah, like in America 'Holy $#!Z' is also an expression, but that doesn't make it okay to say!"

Also, I have the opposite problem of your dad. Nobody believes that I am Asian and always assume my brothers were adopted. But we have fun messin' with people.