Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Imagine your young daughter's joy as she holds up an invitation to a classmate's birthday party.

Imagine packing a present, a stroller, and a baby doll in the car next to your ecstatic child for the Cabbage Patch themed celebration.

Imagine the trust you have in your child when she says, "Yes, I can show you how to get to her house."

Imagine the confusion as her directions lead you to the elementary school parking lot.

Imagine realizing that your child is a few cards short of a full deck when she begins to push her stroller to the outer reaches of the school playground.

Imagine following her to the base of a steep hill filled with weeds and thorns and cacti and bugs and snakes, and watching her finger point to the white house at the top.

Imagine climbing up that hill, feet slipping, rocks falling, thorns pricking, hands gripping, holding the blasted doll and stroller with one hand, and helping your struggling girl with the other.

Imagine, at the top, having to scale a chain link fence with stroller, baby, and child.

Imagine the looks of the other mothers as you try to act natural.

Imagine your child as she smiles one last smile at you before pushing her stroller with the rest of her friends.

I don't have to imagine it.

I lived it!

Thank you, Dad! I couldn't have climbed that hill without you!


micah e. said...

Imagine me laughing my head off.

Karin said...

There was no road that actually went to the house? or you were just in the mood for an adventure?

Token Asian Friend said...

I was seven. I told my dad that she lived right by the school. I knew that because she pointed to her house while we were playing in the playground. Rather than risk getting lost in the windy roads to find her house (we lived in a town without a coordinate system), he chose to work with what he had. When he came to pick me up, though, we did use the road.

Kristina P. said...

Hahahaha! Too funny! Sounds like something I wouldn't do.

michellejohnnie said...

What a great Dad! What an amazing daughter!

NOBODY said...

This made me cry. I haven't laughed this hard at a blog post since ISS did her political review.