Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ode to Winter-Worm Summer-Grass

You once were a caterpillar, pupating in the ground
Up in Tibet with the snow all around.
But then you ate up or breathed in something funny
Now you are dry and worth lots of money.

That something inside you, it started to grow.
It very much killed you, as you probably know.
What once was your body is now mummified
by that wee fungus that grew from inside.

That fungus, it grew from the top of your brain
but it didn't hurt because you no longer feel pain.
It sprouted in summer and broke through the earth
To shed more wee spores--in essence, give birth.

Then perhaps some Tibetan or some Chinese friend
Helped from the soil your body ascend.
For you have the ability to help and to cure
So many ailments, no one knows what for sure.

Here you are now, as my honored guest.
But I must insist, I have but one request:
Please take your little, but expensive troop
And get your medicinal selves out of my soup.

(Have I been served this in soup?  Yes.  Have I eaten one?  Would you?)


Brooklyn said...

Hmmm... says it's used by athletes to break world running records. Micah might like to try them since he's planning on qualifing for the Boston marathon. Then again, he's a vegan so I guess they probably don't eat worms. Although, he doesn't eat meat because it contributes to global warming or something like that he says. Maybe worms would be an exception. I'll have to ask him if he makes it back down Mt. Kilimanjaro alive this week. ;)

Token Asian Friend said...

But they are fungal worm carcasses. I think that falls under the mushroom category...Vegans are good to go!

michellejohnnie said...

I would be interested to know what your major in college was. Obviously, a science of some sort. Biology? You are just a very... interesting person!! I love it! BTW, is this an Asian delicacy?

Token Asian Friend said...

Not so much a delicacy. More like an herbal supplement.