Sunday, December 28, 2008

But I won't do that....

Here are a few things I won't allow myself to do on principle...

-Whiten my teeth
-Get cosmetic surgery (unless it is reconstructive surgery because of burn/accident/illness)
-Wear high-heels (mostly because I look ridiculous in them, but I refuse to look ridiculous on principle)
-Use the term "with every fiber of my being"
-Drink energy drinks
-Deep fry food
-Drive my husband's car
-Take pain medication
-Wear jewelry


Here are a few things I won't allow myself to do even though I am Asian:

-Dress up for Black Tie events.

-Blow-dry my hair

-Sit on my head

-Bleach my hair

-Wear foundation 

-Ride a bike with friends

-Eat money

I refrain...

...yet it goes against every fiber of my Asian being!


Tiffany said...

I'm a new reader here, and I really want you to be my token Asian friend. Even though I sort of have one already.

Karin said...

No pain meds? Really?

Token Asian Friend said...

About the pain's because I am sensitive to prescription pain medicine. And, I watch too much "Intervention."

Kristina P. said...

TAF, I completely agree about the meds. Seriously, the Nyquil is what I can do. That's what working with drug addicts everyday for 10 years does to you.

And I'm a little disappointed about the eating money. Too bad.