Saturday, August 30, 2008

Reflect this.

Does what I have on my desk reflect who I am?  I have glue dots, ribbon, staplers, a bowl, thermometer, christmas ornament, sudoku game, scissors, thank you cards, a calendar, CDs, Costco Coupons, "Praise to the Man" DVD, unused address book, ward list, sticky notes, pens, handkerchief, unopened mail, medical receipts, a computer, picture of Christ, a printer, a glue stick, cosmetic wedges, scrapbooking magazine, primary manual, camera, paint, children's book, spray paint, phone, a memory stick, i-pod, old cassette tape, "Beginning Algebra" text book, printer ink, a button, "Church Ball" DVD, flash cards from college, batteries, Q-tips, red ruby slippers, foreign money, and a pencil from the church library. 

Apparently, I am messy...and a thief.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Do you have a lock on the room your desk is in? Otherwise, I would consider relocating that can of spray paint to higher ground. Kids who can cut hair can push spray paint buttons.

My desk is much more boring than yours, (mostly papers plus computer equipment,) but all the rest of the surfaces in my house are about the same as your desk. (We even have the ruby slippers.)