Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So Childish of Me

I wish I could act like a kid as an adult.  

I would whine to my neighbors about how their kid wasn't playing fair with mine.
I would spit out my food if I didn't like it.
I would pick out mismatched clothes, and then throw a fit if my husband told me to change.
I would ride my bike to go across the street.
I would point at the food that I made and say, "I don't like this."
I would have dried milk on my upper lip.
I would cry when it is time to leave a friend's house.
If my husband changes the channel, I would crumple to the ground with arms and legs flailing, saying, "I was watching that first!"
My hands and face would always be sticky.
I would ask my neighbors for candy.
I would eat smooshed cookies off the road. 
I would do my hair, and then smile in the mirror and say, "I'm sooooo pretty!"
I would leave the bathroom saying, "I DID IT!"
I would sing all of the time.
I would grab the baby from my husband's hands and say, "That's MY baby!"
I would wear my bathing suit all summer long without one self-conscious thought.
When my husband comes home, I would run to him with arms extended and an ear-to-ear grin.
I would dress up.
I would laugh about everything.
I would give the biggest hugs and sweetest kisses.
I would be a friend to everyone.

I would be a better me.


Anonymous said...

Wait, are you saying it's not okay to do these things if I'm a grown up?

Anonymous said...

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Sorry to bother you, and take care.


clueless said...

What a beautiful, beautiful post. Wow...!

Abra said...

I love this.