Thursday, September 25, 2008

Asian Females Know Best!

You know you are a bad driver if:

1)  You automatically tuck in your side-view mirrors before you back out of your garage.
2)  You are in the habit of keeping barf bags in the car.
3)  You are driving down the freeway before you notice the "BRAKE" indicator light is on.
4)  You drive with the double yellow line on your right.
5)  Bobble-heads remind you of your carpool group.
6)  When you are stopped at an intersection, pedestrians walk behind you.
7)  You hear yourself say, "Gas on the right; brake on the left.  Gas on the right; brake on the left."
8)  The sides of your tires wear out before the tread.
9)  You get in an accident with the person behind you, and you are at fault.
10) Your passengers complain of neck and back pain.

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