Thursday, September 18, 2008

Um, He's My Brother.

I have a brother.  We look a lot alike.  For some reason, however, people don't think we are brother and sister.  They assume that, because we are of the same ethnic background, we are a couple.

We were celebrating my daughter's birthday at a local pizza establishment.  When I was coordinating the birthday party with our assigned assistant, I was distracted.  The young man then, instead of turning to my non-Asian husband standing next to me, turned to my brother and asked how he would like to pay for the party.

My daughter and my niece were in the same dance class.  The owner of the studio came to us to talk about recitals, and asked if "our daughter" was going to make it to the performance.  I had to explain that the child in question was HIS daughter, my niece.

So, do me a favor.  If you see an Asian guy with an Asian girl and their Asian kids, don't automatically think they are husband and wife.  It's probably just me hanging out with my brother.  If you see them making-out, though, that is NOT us.


devri said...

Yeah, after stumbling accross it, I about died, cuz of my comment, then someone pointed it out to me,so yea,,,, put a big duh on my forehead... thanks anyways.

Kerry said...


How do you say "I totally thought you guys were married" in Chinean or whatever?