Sunday, March 1, 2009


My husband came home with this box of gum from Costco.  The quarter is there for a size reference.  

But, when I opened the box, I was upset to see a large empty space, flanked by a few packets of gum.  Again, the quarter is there as a size reference.

You would think I could figure it out on my own (that this box was big enough to hold 30 packs of gum and I only bought 12), but I was shocked nonetheless.  

I think the last time I was this disappointed was when I found out a Toblerone is segmented, and not one solid triangular bar of chocolate.

Dang you, Toblerone, I want my missing wedges of chocolate! 


c said...

remember when you found out that the people in the "guess who" game didn't actually talk?

hard to recover from a blow like that.

Pam C. said...

Really, what is the reason for all that packaging other than to deceive the consumer. At least the segments in the Toblerone bar make it easier to break and eat it.

micah e. said...

It's the size of the quarter that disappoints me.

Token Asian Friend said...

Micah: they just don't make quarters like they used to.

c: or when I found out that Dairy Queen doesn't actually sell mountains of chocolate with caramel rivers.

michellejohnnie said...

Deceit and lies!!!

Laurie said...

I've always wondered about the camera memory card I bought at Costo. There it was, a tiny little gadget, blatantly obvious in the middle of the square mile of cardboard and scissor-proof plastic. In this case, the packager was prolly just getting a good laugh while I tried for 15 minutes to open it, and sliced my finger twice.

StuTheWise said...

I bought a motorcycle once because I thought it came with the hot girl in the ad. Now look what it's done to me!

Advertising is evil! Oh wait, isn't that what I do for a living? I'm gonna burn for sure. Maybe the Toblerone guys will be there in the lake of fire and we can all have chocolate bars! Wait a minute... lake of FIRE!

CoffeeBuddha said...

incredible "Little One". Powerful words. Love Dad

Emily said...

BUT, at least with Toblerone, even if there are wedges missing, it looks like little mountains, which is awesome.

There's nothing awesome about not-gum in a box of gum.