Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How well do you know me? The A's for Q's 1-5

Well, if you haven't seen the quiz, go to that first and make your own guesses.  

For those of you who have seen the quiz, I think I have a lot of explaining to do...

1.  What is the most typically Asian thing I do?
a) Drink soup from the bowl
b) Cut in line
c) Drive with an Asian tassel hanging from my rear view mirror
d) Point with my middle finger

First, let me explain that these really are things a native Asian will do.  It's how you can tell the native Asians from the American Born Asians.

So, this the girl who cut in front of me and my kids during the Disneyland Play Parade--yep, she's a native.

Some habitual traits do get passed on from one generation to the next, though.  So, for me, the answer is:  
a) Drink soup from the bowl.

2.  Which one of these statements is not true?
I can relate with the following Arrested Development character because...
a) Tobias, because I use to wear  running shorts under my clothes
b) George Michael, because I had a crush on my cousin
c) Maeby, because I always did the opposite of what my parents asked me to do
d) Oscar, because I lived in a trailer

The answer c) is the one that is untrue.  Remember, I am a filial child.
About the rest...I know.  I KNOW!!!  But hear me out.  I can explain.

a)--Did I never mention my fear of being "pantsed" or having my dress/skirt flip up in the wind?  No?  

b)--Don't be grossed out.  I had a crush on anything with a Y chromosome that didn't live in my own house.  I was only [x] years old.  I didn't know any better.  (2 is less than x is less than 6)

d)--This was not the highlight of my childhood, but we had to live somewhere while waiting for available base housing.

3. What am I most obsessed about?
a) My meds
b) Making sure my children's outfits match each other
c) Driving right at the speed limit
d) Putting things in rainbow color order


The answer is d).  Driving right at the speed limit was so way back in high school.  

4. Which of these do I find most creepy?
a) Jack from Jack in the Box
b) The King from Burger King
c) Ronald McDonald
d) Wendy's red ponytails

The answer is a) Jack from Jack in the Box.  Without a doubt.  I can't even eat in there because the pictures of Jack freak me out.

5. What did I not do last week?
a) Read my new camera's entire instruction manual
b) Look at stars and the moon through my telescope
c) Save a child from drowning
d) Re-string my Rubik's Magic

The answer is b).  I did not look at stars and the moon through my telescope.  The kid I saved was my kid...the same kid I endangered by not putting any floatation devices on him/her in the first place.  

And, thanks to YouTube, I learned how to re-string my Rubik's Magic (I told you I was a nerd!!!).  And, guess what I'll be doing this week...again...

Dang kids.  
I blame it on the Canadian side.  :)


Tiffany said...

This is so fascinating. I love the first one especially. Now I will always be able to tell the difference.

Laurie said...

Garfield, eh? I would have guessed you're more the Calvin and Hobbes type.

michellejohnnie said...

I got two right. I knew you were always wearing running shorts. That's why I never pants you!