Thursday, March 19, 2009

How well do you know me? The A's to Q's 6-10

Again, if you missed the quiz, or the answers to 1-5, check those out if you want.

6. What was my first job?
a) McDonalds at front counter
b) Nanny/cook/maid (It was originally just supposed to be nanny
c) Credit Card Application Extractor
d) Third Party Verifier

At some point in time, I worked each of these jobs. But my first job was c) Credit Card Application Extractor. It was a job for only the cerebrally-advanced, requiring a unique set of cognitive skills that most mortals can't even fathom having in their possession.

In a stack of pre-cut [credit card company] envelopes, we would take out the envelopes with a blue square on the back, because those envelopes were credit card applications.

If that went way above your head, go ahead and read it as many times as necessary until you understand the complexity of that task.

7. Which one of these do I find most annoying?
a) Sid the Science Kid
b) Martha the dog
c) Spongebob Squarepants
d) Caillou

While I do loath all of these, the one that I can't stand the most is a) Sid the Science Kid. The show itself teaches great stuff but...
--With most shows, I can at least like one of the characters. In this show, I don't like ALL of the characters.
--The computer animated cartoons are so close to looking like real people (with big heads, funky hair, and weird faces) that it is creepy.
--The Asian-appearing girl, Mei, is portrayed as an airhead, which is preposterous!
--When I watch it, I feel like I have ADHD.

8. Which am I not?
a) bum-slapper
b) nervous-laugher
c) side-hugger
d) a winker

I am not c) a side-hugger. I am a nervous laugher, and so is one of my kids. When I am put in a situation where I don't know what to say (like when my friend told me she's getting a divorce) I just smile and laugh. It's a very bad thing.

9. What phrase do I not use when referring to my kids?
a) the skinny one
b) the white one
c) the chubby one
d) the dark one

Well, I need to be honest. I use all of those to describe my kids, and more (the accident-prone one, the troublemaker, the good one, the buck-toothed one, etc.). It really depends on the situation. BUT, the one listed here that I use the LEAST is d) the dark one.

10. How did I meet my husband?
a) EFY
b) His Mission
c) Teaching English
d) Singles Ward.

The answer is b) his mission. Someone didn't lock his heart!


Pam C. said...

So, where did your husband serve his mission, and just how far ranging is your bum-slapping? Family only; family and close friends; strangers on the street whom you wish to recognize for a good deed...?

michellejohnnie said...

I only got one correct! I just don't know you well enough. It's been 13 years! Yikes!

Little Lovables said...

Do you also find is odd that Sid the Science kid like sloshingly gallops instead of taking normal steps?