Monday, March 1, 2010

Kikkoman Vs. LaChoy

(I am sorry for neglecting you, blog. I feel that I owe you a poem.)

I stand in my kitchen
Two bottles in hands.
Both of them soy sauce
But of different brands.
Two types of soy sauce?
So what's the big deal?
This one decision
Affects more than a meal.

When I cook for myself,
Kikkoman is best.
I grew up pouring it on rice
(I was a bit obsessed).
Before you buy it, you should know
It has MSG.
And for those with gluten issues
It's not gluten-free.

When I cook for larger groups,
I want all to enjoy.
So for those with sensitivities,
I always choose LaChoy.
That I would cater to their needs,
I am sure to impress.
And that is why, for company
LaChoy's sauce beats the rest.

Now come back with me 10+ years ago
When I liked a certain guy.
He liked me back, we were good friends
So a relationship we did try.
I thought things were going well.
We hung out...things were great!
I never felt it weird or strange
That we never went on a date.

Within a while, things slowed down,
And the truth did soon unfurl.
While he liked to hang out with me
He preferred to take out another girl.
But thanks to soy sauce, I can now
Understand this boy.
I now know I was his Kikkoman
And she was his LaChoy.


kristib said...

3 word: bright poetic future.

Pam C. said...

Wow, informative and entertaining with a touch of romance. (Which did you use?)

Micah E. said...

Touched my tender heart.

Kim said...

I can't imagine loving anything as much as I love this poem.

Nicole said...

OK. I think I might know who this crazy boy was. Is it someone I knew?

Brooklyn said...

He, he, i love your poems! I just might be tempted to call you Kikkoman next time I see you... :)

Tiffany said...

I will never look at soy sauce the same again. Fabulous poem!

myimaginaryblog said...

I think it would be very safe to say that you've just discovered a brand new metaphor.

So, wait, does Kikkoman add *extra* MSG? Because I was under the impression that soy sauce was already the mother lode of naturally-occurring MSG.

Ape said...

Oh, the memories. Fabulous poem!

stillclueless said...

LaChoy? How I love your Asian background, your kindness, and your tolerance for ... people with sensitivities - even if they're from another country. Wow! Your husband sure did good.

*MARY* said...

I miss kikkoman, my husband buys weird soy sauce that I can't pronounce the name of.

Deanna E. said...

That was awesome! You need to send the poem to Reader's Digest or the LaChoy people! However, I would leave the Kikkoman people out of it.

Trisha said...

remember that billboard in taiwan, the one with the sweater toter? he he he.

YOU ARE REALLY FUNNY! But honestly, I wouldn't pull you out at an important social function either.

Ruth said...

Nicole, I think I know him too!

TAF: Your poem rocks! It's one of your many talents that I wish I had.