Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Train up a child in the way he should go..."

People have different cleanliness tolerance levels.  

I'm a "vacuum after 4-7 days of no vacuuming" kind of girl.  

My husband is a "vacuum whenever possible" kind of guy.

I bought my husband a fancy vacuum cleaner for Christmas.  He loves it.  He absolutely loves it.

Because some of our children have freaked out when we turn on the vacuum, he always vacuums with the youngest perched in his arms, to familiarize them with his beloved appliance.

My baby was bathing (one of his favorite activities) when my husband began vacuuming.  He stopped all water-play, crawled to the rim of the tub, and stood up, worriedly looking out of the bathroom door.  When he saw his father pass by with the vacuum, the biggest smile beamed across his face.  As soon as daddy passed the door, our little baby's smile disappeared, and wailing soon began.  I hurriedly dried him off and was barely able to put a diaper on him when he booked it toward his dad.  

And there they were, father and son, united as one...

...strengthening their vacuum-loving bond... that which had been cleaned the day before.

If I play my cards right, I may not have to touch a vacuum ever again!


Pam C. said...

I'm so envious! And I'd love to see that chubby little guy in vacuum action. Couldn't you get a headless shot of it?

Karin said...

That's so cute. I vacuum when my baby starts eating things off the carpet that I didn't realize were there.

Brian and Janette said...

Okay, so I'm in the market for a vacuum and I'm wondering what kind of "fancy" vacuum you have. Maybe if I get a fancy one, my husband will learn to like it too! Ok, probably not, but at least I will!

Token Asian Friend said...

Pam-I might just have to take a headless picture :)

Karin-maybe THAT is why my husband vacuums every day, because our kid is constantly eating stuff on the floor.

Brian and Janette-it's a dyson, and they are awesome!

stillclueless said...

What a great story! Absolutely awesome and not at all surprising. How I miss that man around the house. Yup.

little ms. sassy shelby said...

"father and son, united as one" LOL. This is so cute! Hopefully the bonding will continue and you really won't ever have to vacuum again.

Stephanie said...

That was brilliant. Love this post. And love that vacuum. We have a Dyson, too, and we love it. The headless pic would be priceless.