Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I can because I am.

Things I like to do because I am Asian:

1)  Say "Oooops" a lot when I drive with others in the car.  It adds to the female AND Asian driver stereotype.
2)  Say, "Solly, Solly, I don sh-pee-ka Eng-ga-leesh." when my husband introduces me to the new neighbors.  
3)  Introduce myself over the phone as "that Asian girl in your class/ ward/ neighborhood."  It usually makes them uncomfortable, but they always say, "Oh, yes, I think I know who you are."
4)  Speak to my children in the "native tongue" when we are in public.  People seem pretty impressed until my kids look confused and say, "What?"
5)  When people introduce me to their relatives or other friends, I like to tell them I'm the hired help.

It's the Jerry Seinfeld principle.  If you were born with it, married it, converted to it, or gave birth to it, you have the right to make fun of it.   What gives you the right? 


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ramsam said...

Saw you on SSB.... love your style :-) and I need a token Asian Friend on my blog BAD.

Anyway, my brother married a girl from Mexico City. When ever my dad (a little crazy, but just enough to be funny) talks to her and he can tell that she doesn't understand, he repeats himself REAL slow, with a slight MEXICAN accent, and REALLY LOUD. I am sure that helps a lot.