Sunday, August 24, 2008

Where are you from?

I've noticed that people that meet me for the first time ALWAYS ask me one question..."So, where are you from?"

How would you answer that?  I usually tell them the city in which I reside.  That seems like a reasonable answer, right?  But then I get the chuckle and they clarify, "No, where are you FROM," or "Where are your PARENTS from?" or, "Well, I mean, what is your background?"  You may not realize how often I get that question, but seriously, hang out with me for a while, and you'll find it hilarious, too.

Enough about me.  So, Where are YOU from?  


M&B said...

"Wow, really? You speak English so well!"
Kip Fulbeck did a great book called, "Part Asian, 100% Hapa" where hundreds of people answer in their own words the question, "So, what ARE you?" Some are really funny ("Why, are you picking up on me?") and some are quite philosophical ("I am billions of particles...")
I'm from, well, you know. Here and there. :)

*MARY* said...

I get that all the time. My answer is always "Utah" and then they get a weird look on their face and try to decide if they should keep pressing the question. Most of the time they ask which nationality I am and are always disappointed when I say I'm American.