Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Naming Babies

Baby naming is a source of frustration for me. Since I have historically been the one to carry our babies, I like to know what to call the thing that is beating me up from the inside. My husband, since he is usually NOT the one gestating the fetus, sees no rush in finding a name for the baby.

In my efforts to speed up the process, I have written lists upon lists upon lists of names per baby, sometimes following him around the house listing off names in a baby book. However, my already elevated blood pressure usually skyrockets when he hands me the list with every name crossed off, or he repeatedly answers, "No, no, no, no, no..." and occasionally the, "Are you kidding me? You would really want to name your child that? No."

So, after a few kids, I have learned to wait until he gives me his list of names (usually a list of one). By then, I am so desperate to bond with this creature that competes with me for my own body cavity's space, that I quickly agree and then I give birth.

As the children get older, I have found that they are just as willing to give me names as I was to give my husband names. And, I found myself repeatedly saying, "No, no, no, no," or "Really? You want me to name your sibling that?"

For example:

Alison Wonderland
Jackson (not a bad name, just more common than I would like)
Dora (if it's a girl)
Diego (if it's a boy)
Boots (if it's a monkey)
Reese (ever seen Malcolm in the Middle?)

But, the best was when one of my kids came to me with a name written on a piece of paper.


"You want me to name your sibling Mule?"

"No, mom. Em-uh-lee (M-U-LE)."

So, just for fun, I'm going to refer to this kid as Mule.

Mule has arrived.


Pam C. said...


I always enjoy creative spelling, but that one is in a class of its own.

c said...

welcome, token asian baby mule! congrats to mom and the whole family!


Karin said...

so so so funny. I think I'll stick with my baby's nickname (hash). But "Mule" should be fun. Sort of like a 10 mule woman, (when she grows up), I guess.

kellebelle said...

Love, love, love this! Hilarious! I was already enjoying it with "Alison Wonderland" and "Boots (if it's a monkey)," but MULE is just fantastic. Enjoy your new small one. (Ever seen that Christmas movie?) We'll have to come by and see her soon. :)

Robert and Sherry Leal said...

I didn't realize you were pregnant! I was wondering why you were more sporadic, but I completely understand now. Congratulations! I know this baby, as with all your others, will grow up laughing with you as a mother. :)

Trisha said...

did not even know about mules existence until now! that's just sad. i really should know more about your life. please send me your credit card information and social security number. it's for friendship. we need to strengthen the relationship!

I WANT TO SEE PICTURES. you know how to reach me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gongxi ni!

Brooklyn said...


gurrbonzo said...

MULE is beautiful! Please have one more that you can name Diego.

P.S. Know what's weird? We actually HAVE a Kerna in our fam!

Kidding, kidding.

*MARY* said...

When I was pregnant with Evan, I really did consider naming him Reese, Dewey, or Hal, my favorite characters from that show.

myimaginaryblog said...

Already there? Didn't you just mention your pregnancy here like, two weeks ago? Congratulations!

"{Dora (if it's a girl)
Diego (if it's a boy)
Boots (if it's a monkey)"


Brian and Janette said...

Mule just might suit that little being quite well if the beating on the inside as is bad as you say...you know, "kicks like a mule." Congrats...and good luck with the name game.

Carrie Wood said...

OH, how I relate to all of this! I wish I didn't. Now I am 30 weeks pregnant and baby #3 still has no name, and it's not even close. Why do husbands have so much fun saying NO? Maybe I'll take your kids list to him and we can make some progress!

Brooke said...

Congratulations! I'm a bit disappointed you didn't choose Bellarunda, but I'm sure your new baby's future self-esteem is better for it. =) Hooray for your new baby!