Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Your parking personality

White:  The peacemaker.  You choose to park far away from others, pulling all the way through to avoid backing out.  Cars clustered together give you anxiety, so you would rather park in an entirely different parking area than search for a spot.  If there is one available spot, and you see another car coming toward it, you would rather give up than deal with potential controversy.  Your dream is to one day never need to leave your house.

Red:  Parking stalls are a status symbol.  You will pay extra money for better parking.  You are a stall-hunter, waiting behind a potential opening, and marking your prey by using your blinker.  You strive for employee of the month just for the parking spot.  Your dream is to one day be successful enough to have your own reserved parking stall.

Yellow:  Parking stall lines are merely suggestions to you.  You often find yourself taking up multiple stalls, but only because you are unaccustomed to rigidity and find that the lines restrict your parking creativity.  Your signature move is to park 5 feet in front of the door with your hazards on, as an act of courtesy toward those maneuvering around you.  Your dream is to one day be able to park inside buildings.

Blue:  Parking is relative.  Whether there be 8 stalls, or 1000 stalls, your mood of the day is dependent on where, in relation to others, you parked.  You feel it a personal offense when others park closer to the building than you.  You arrive to work early, sometimes hours early, just to score the best spot.  You will sometimes move your car closer during lunch hour, and it will be the highlight of your day.  Your dream is to one day park in a parking lot in which every stall is equidistant from the entrance.

I used to be blue, but now I am a white.  

What type are you?


Anonymous said...


Sometimes I go to church late, knowing that the congregation that meets before my congregation will be leaving and thus freeing up parking spots.

Tiffany said...

So very, very funny! I am a white parker.

Little Lady Cakes said...

Definitely white.

Pam C. said...

I used to be white, but I get too stressed out trying to safely herd my kids through acres of parking lot. Now I'm a purple: I don't care if I'm near or far from the entrance, but I like to be on the periphery of the building so we can walk on the sidewalk for as much of the way as possible.

Pam C. said...

Token Asian Friend, congratulations on getting your nominee selected as a Mo-Matchelor!

When I was a single in DC, the single women outnumbered single men by a good ten to one (thanks to all the LDS nannies in the area). Can't believe he isn't being mobbed!

Grays said...

Token Asian Friend - Internet randomness as it is I have been enjoying your comments on SSB for quite some time, but when you nominated Micah for Mo-Matchelor I realized we went to highschool together. I never knew you well but was good friends with Aprilla.

You are as witty as you ever were.

Brooke said...

Token Asian Friend,

The deleted comment above was note letting you know I'm nominating one of the world's coolest bachelorettes to go out with Micah on TAMN's Mo-Matchelor. But then I realized Micah was already on the comment thread ... so Hey, Micah! Just in case my friend isn't picked as your lucky date, know that I've got your back and can totally set you up with someone amazing. Just something to keep in mind. =)

Token Asian Friend said...

Go Micah!!!

Laurie said...

Micah, just make sure Tamn doesn't know about your occaisonal Sunday slothfulness. It might be grounds to un-Mo-Matchelor you, since no one will vote for a stake president who is late.