Sunday, June 28, 2009

I can write a country song

(I've always wanted to be a song writer :)

Well my dad's from the south;
my mom's southern, too.
But from different hemispheres
which you 'ready knew-ew-ew.

I can write a country song.

I can speak with a drawl,
I can sing with a twang,
I can write thoughtful lyrics
and rhyme most any-tha-ang.

I can write a country song.

I can sing about trucks;
'cuz we owned a Nissan.
I can sing about drinkin'
root beer on the lawn.
And I know about boyfriends,
my friends had a bunch.
I can sing about dogs
'cuz we ate them for lu-u-unch.

(Hot-dogs, that is)

I can write a country song.

I've done tons of huntin'
and fishin' and bowlin'
and swimming in moonlight,
drivin' out of control and
I've been in my fair share
of brawls and fist fights
and I'm getting tons better
playin' those Wii games at night.

And that's why...

I can write a country song.

But I have to admit
I am out of the norm.
I can write up a song,
but I can not perform.
'Cuz you have to admit,
it would seem kinda funky
if you went to a show 
to watch an Asian sing country...


I can write a country song.


Token Asian Friend said...

My husband wasn't impressed, and he's my biggest fan.

Pam C. said...

Actually, I think I'd pay to see it.

Karin said...

Now, if we could only get a headless performance of that on your blog...

I've got a guitar. And its Asian. Don't believe me? Come check it out.

myimaginaryblog said...

Your husband is wrong about this one. And I would pay good money to watch you perform this. (As opposed to bad money. Never trust someone who offers bad money to see you perform.)

(Also, don't let the fact that this is my current favorite song make you doubt my good taste.)

Brooklyn said...

Awesome! I love it when you ryme. I always look forward to your Christmas cards every year because of it. ;)

Quixotic Healer said...

Ha ha ha! This sounds like something This Guy would sing:

Token Asian Friend said...

Where did you people find these YouTube treasures?!?

michellejohnnie said...

talent galore!!!

M&B said...

BWAAAAAAHAHAAHAHA. Amazing. "my friends had a bunch." HAH!