Thursday, June 11, 2009


"Mommy, when I get married, you and [siblings] can come and watch, and when we kiss, you can cover your eyes."

Because that is what I do during kissing scenes in movies.

Just more evidence that I haven't matured much since I was twelve.


Pam C. said...

I cover my kids eyes. (Though thinking about my daughters kissing men makes me want to cover my eyes...)

Habits are funny though. My Mom learned to drive and had young children before seat belts were standard. Whenever she had to slam on the brakes, she would reflexively throw her arm in front of the passenger seat. She continued to do it to me through my teenage years even though I was an early seat belt convert. She did it once when her boss from work was the passenger.

Brooke said...

Ha ha! I'm curious if the same standards apply to animated movies ... is watching Ariel and Eric kiss as gruesome as watching Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie??

Token Asian Friend said...

EVERY kissing scene.

myimaginaryblog said...

That's hilarious. I definitely did that until I was, oh, maybe 19. And, speaking of Ariel and Eric (or anyway of Disney animated romances) the first movie I watched after my mission was Disney's Aladdin and I was shocked, shocked, by Princess Jasmine's scanty clothing. And the kissing.

I watch the kissing now, (as long as it doesn't go beyond kissing,) but I still close my eyes for violence. I've watched all the seasons of "24," but really only "watched" about 2/3 of that. (Then I ask my husband what happened.)

Sometimes that makes things worse, though -- I remember watching (or, rather, not-watching) a movie with my mom (actually, it was Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves) and afterwards expressing dismay that they'd shown a hand being chopped off. My mom said, "They didn't show that!" I'd seen the swinging axe, covered my eyes, and imagined the rest, while the camera panned away.

(So what are you imagining when you have your eyes closed during the kissing scenes?)

micah e. said...

You used to cover my eyes during kissing scenes in movies.

Token Asian Friend said...

Micah-you are welcome!

Now, I cover my husband's eyes, and giggle uncomfortably like a pre-teen.

Brooklyn said...

I usually yell, "oh grooossss!" I guess I haven't matured either.