Saturday, November 13, 2010

Little Truck People

I know that guys that drive big trucks usually fit in a certain stereotype, but I've been noticing a trend in little truck drivers.

They tend to have very strong opinions.

And sometimes they feel the need to put it in print.

On their automobile.

Classy, isn't it?

If you had a little truck, what would you put on the back of it?


Ben and Kari said...

Now that I know this blog exists, do you know how much time I have spent this week catching up on ALL THE OLD POSTS? OK not all but I am almost done.
FYI: Everytime I think of you, "Motown Philly" pops into my head, especially the "ay yay yay da dum" part

Miranda said...

That last person should be shot. But that's just my humble opinion.

Brooklyn said...

"Honk if you're Asian!"

Token Asian Friend said...

I do honk, regularly. Even if you didn't have that on your truck, I would still honk.