Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Edit or dread it, PART I

A lot of you may feel I'm being harsh about the English spelling and grammar that I found in Asia, and I must make a point.

I will not ever make fun of how a person speaks. If someone is trying their best to communicate in a foreign language, my hat goes off to them, and they should be commended.

I will, however, make fun of things that are put into print, because seriously, they should have someone who speaks the language fluently check that. Don't worry, I also make fun of those people get Asian symbols tattooed on their bodies without checking with an Asian person if it makes sense. ("Why, yes, that symbol DOES mean proud . . . as in arrogant, overbearing, and insolent. Way to get that permanently inked onto your body.")

So, to start the "Edit or dread it" series, let's begin with Asian cards:


When you don't want just a part of a dream to come true....

"Happy Birthday
May all your dream come true"


When you don't really know what to say...

"Very Wonderfully and More Pleasantly
For You
Time over Something"


"Love thy enemy" and send them a card.

"Especially Foe You"


Whatever "It" is....

"For You
It is so grateful to have you around"


In all honesty, this could have been edited by a native English speaker

(from 18th Century England)

"Happy Birthday
Cherish all you appy moments"


Pam C. said...

This post left me feeling 'appy, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Nobody has ever given me a card that says,
"Very Wonderfully and More Pleasantly
For You
Time over Something"
and frankly, I wish they would.

Cathryn said...

There was a kids clothing store in Okinawa that all of us military women just LOVED! It had an Old Navy feel to it, but the best part was that they had adorable cheap kids clothes with the BEST "enrish" sayings on them like these cards do. You just couldn't walk out of the store without at least a couple of cute t-shirts with the funniest sayings on them. Loved it! Miss it!

c said...

haha. good stuff.

"especially foe you"?

foe sho!

melmommy said...

Hillarious! You did make fun of me when I tried to speak Chinese and I was doing my best. LOL. It's okay, I know my Chinese stunk. This brings back a lot of great memories.

I wasn't aware Jia Shan was right above MeiNong with that typhoon. Post some pictures of your trip or email me some will ya?

Token Asian Friend said...

I wasn't laughing AT your Chinese, I was laughing WITH your Chinese.

Remember the lady we taught who didn't like angels. Keep going up that road...that is Jia Shan.

C Hall said...

Many thanks for your inspirations. I'm going to toll paint and stencil a wooden board and hang it over my bathroom door with my new motto: "Set me free, let me alone." The chinese always did have the best wisdom to live by.

Oh and I found you off my sil's blog, and I will be back :)

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Wow! How did you find those gems? They speak like me:)

Ruth said...

This reminds me of the many cards and notebooks I bought at Korean Stationery stores in NYC. I have a few left from when I went there last. They still make me laugh!