Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On my mind...

1) I buy my kids clothes, and they change their outfits three times a day. I make my kids clothes, and they wear it all day long. Doing less laundry almost made it worth my while.

2) I don't mind telling people my cold symptoms, if they are runny nose, sore throat, phlegmy cough, fever, body chills, malaise, rash, headache, sputum, puffy eyes, body aches, cramping, open wounds, or vomiting. But, I feel uncomfortable telling people if I have, um, lower, uh, intestinal-type, {clear throat} evacuation-related issues.

3) This is probably the coolest picture I've ever taken:

4) My kids kept asking me what the black stuff was on the Cheetos. I told them not to worry about it, and to keep enjoying the orange salty goodness.

Turns out it was just black ashes flaking off an incinerated puff. Or hairs off of a fried rat leg.

5) Why is it that men can slam themselves into solid masses for the sake of a sport, pull impaled objects out of their own bodies without wincing, lacerate their own flesh, but they are dead to the world when sick with a little cold?

Thanks to my sister-in-law, I now know the answer:


Pam C. said...

Wow, you must make really great clothes!

The youtube clip is funny, but the whole man cold phenomenon is truly still a mystery to me.

Anonymous said...

I love that YouTube clip almost as much as I HATE it.

I also will go to great lengths to find away around using the word that describes the outcome of certain gastrointestinal ailments.

A little fried rat leg is good for you.

Wow, that's great about the well-loved homemade clothes. I have to remind and/or bribe my kids to wear the clothes I've made for them--except for my 9-year-old's church dress, but that's because it's one of only two she owns and the other one's a winter dress (which she still tries to wear anyway.)

I heart your blog.

Laurie S. said...

Hilarious!!! My husband and father-in-law could have starred in that skit.